Word documents to Mediawiki converter

The site www.infpro.com provides a Word2MediaWiki.bas Makro, as well as a description.

The Word2MediaWiki makro doesn’t work in German Microsoft Word installations. For my german friends: At my site, you can download the english version, or the german version.


Install it

  1. get it here
  2. start Word
  3. press ALT-F11
  4. import the macro to “Normal” (right click).

Use it

  1. press ALT-F8 and start the function
  2. copy the text and insert it to the Wiki or to notepad

And the same in german / Und auf deutsch:



  1. hier herunterladen
  2. Word starten
  3. ALT-F11 drücken
  4. Makro in “Normal” importieren (Rechtsklick).


  1. ALT-F8 drücken und starten
  2. Text kopieren und in Wiki oder notepad einfügen.