Opera 9

Opera is better than IE, since version 4 i guess ;-). Now Version 9 is in preview. I tested it. Of course, my opinion is influenced by cool browsers like Firefox or lynx.

Actually, Opera isn’t a browser as well as Google ain’t a search engine. So I have to split my testing.

The Application


  • Software reacts really fast.
  • It looks good by default.
  • Skins are applied in realtime. (in contrast to Firefox, Thunderbird)

The Browser


  • NT-Auth doesn’t work? It did in version 7/8.
  • Site Preferences are way too detailed

You can configure, how a site, e.g. google.com is treated (images, js, popups, cookies, ...)


  • Block content is user friendly
  • The AJAX Widgets are totally cool! (always on top, moveable)


  • The arguments of Opera (Tabbed browsing, Security, Searching, Skins, Zooming Images) are nothing special (except for IE-people) and should be standard.
  • Firefox with Mouse gestures + Adblock + a Skin + Fasterfox + a cookie manager is faster and better (except maybe for the AJAX widgets)



  • leaves messages on server by default (in contrast to Thunderbird)


  • Couldn’t connect? And doesn’t show a message why?

I stopped testing at this point.

Bugs found

  • NT-Auth doesn’t work.
  • Mail (POP3 download connecting) didn’t work.
  • Widgets can’t be resized.
  • You can look through the border of drop down lists to the window below.
  • On their own pages, they say “We see that you are using Internet Explorer.” when using Opera 9.

Might be that this preview is a little buggy. I’ll stick to Firefox and Thunderbird for the moment. (and don’t forget wget!)