SSL-Apache, MySQL, PHP and Oracle Basic Instant Client

NanoSAMPO is a very small compilation of SSL-enabled Apache Server plus MySQL and Oracle Basic Instant Client for Windows that enables everyone to run a webserver without configurating out of the box, e.g. for delivering web applications.


  • For Windows
  • A Webserver without install. Runs out-of-the-box. You can put it on a usb stick and start it whereever.

How can I use it?

  • Apache server can be started by “start Apache.bat”, which pops up an console box, that you leave open.
  • A Webserver without install. Runs out-of-the-box. You can put it on a usb stick and start it whereever.
  • Open http://localhost/ with your favorite webbrowser, and you’ll find the PHP-scripts you put in the “documentroot” folder.
  • The MySQL server can be started by “start MySQL.bat” .
  • When you program PHP-Scripts there are the modules for connecting to oracle and mysql (which makes very much sense).
  • There is also the mysqldump program in the “MySQL/bin” folder.

It works like this:

Folder structure and most interesting files:

./Apache.conf                     Most important configuration of Apache
./Apache2SSL/                     Apache with SSL
./Apache2SSL/bin/                 Apache binaries plus php.ini plus some Oracle Basic Instant Client files
./Apache2SSL/bin/php.ini          php.ini 
./Apache2SSL/conf/                Apache configuration files
./Apache2SSL/conf/auth/auth.bat   Gives out the password for the SSL certificate (hack)
./Apache2SSL/conf/ssl.crt/        The ssl-certificate
./Apache2SSL/conf/ssl.key/        The ssl-key
./Apache2SSL/error/               The error files
./Apache2SSL/logs/                Log files of apache & ssl
./Apache2SSL/modules/             Apache modules
./Documentroot/                   The document root for PHP scripts, html files
./php/extensions/                 PHP extensions
./MySQL/                          MySQL 
./MySQL/bin                       MySQL binaries
./MySQL/data                      MySQL tables
./MySQL/data/mysql                MySQLs mysql table
./MySQL/share                     minimal mysql files for languages (only english), ...


  • MySQL ...
  • Apache ...
  • PHP ...
  • Oracle Basic Instant Client 10g


Licence information: I’m distributing Oracle connector, Apache Server with SSL, MySQL server, and PHP. So you have to agree to their licence first (e.g. posessing a copy of them). Second, these distributions are not changing these products themself, but compiling them together and configurating them. Please don’t sue me.

Download information: The downloads are zip files containing a seperate folder, named like the zip file. (I hate if I don’t know if I can do “unzip here”)

  • Apache+SSL+MySQL+PHP+Oracle Basic Instant Client (30MB)
  • Apache+SSL+MySQL+PHP (30MB)
  • Apache+SSL+PHP (30MB)

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If you are having serious problems or totally different expectations, add Apache, SSL, PHP and so on on your own.
If you experience bugs or suggestions, please mail me.