Firefox Extension: Anti-Paranoia

This is a firefox extension added to under the categories “Humor” and “Privacy and Security”.


What’s that? An extension for Firefox. Especially if you are working on security, you might get the feeling that you’re part of something really big and maybe even evil. more...

How can your extension help me? It will pop up calmative messages for you to feel relaxed while browsing the web.

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  • No, if it was serious, it wouldn’t be categorised as “Humor”......


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For People who can’t find the right page... — Johannes Buchner 2006/03/02 14:32

Hey My name’s Peter ,i did try the antiparanoia plugin and hey guyz,i feel pretty good was becoming ruined grey,but hey...u give me the vision and the hope and a bit of mc donalds more i guess...So tx great job there!!
Thanks for downloading. — Johannes Buchner 2006/03/02 14:32

Hey. I have a really big problem with paranoia and conspiracy. I use your plugin and the one which minimizes Mozilla Firefox to tray, and I always leave it open. It’s good once in a while to be reassured that there’s nothing to fear.
:-DJohannes Buchner 2006/03/02 14:32

And why would I trust you?
Don’t. I don’t do neither. Trust me. — Johannes Buchner 2006/03/02 14:32
Hey I can help you about this. Just download my trustchecker and you can understand who to trust. (Just check the bugbase. We are working on the bug No: 1 - trustchecker does not trust itself bug. We are hopeless though.)FIXME